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F.E.Z. Team Members

The thirteen twenty-two member team that make up F.E.Z.

NAME: Relly B. Tup.

POSITION: Explosives

After a serious accident onboard the Gamma Centauri, Relly was patched up, and sent off to FEZ, where his explosives prowess could still be put to use. FEZ, being made entirely out of expendable and/or unwanted personnel, Relly will fit right in.

Relly's brain was damaged too much, so he remembers little of his life before his accident. But he doesn't care. He simply isn't smart enough now to realize that he had a previous life.

"I used to have a pretty cool life. Or so I am told. I don't remember anything before my time with FEZ."


NAME: Eugene Homakre

Eugene simply wasn't cut out for life on a normal Blacktron ship. Sure, he had the attitude, and yeah, he had the right mental capabilities, but something just didn't fit. Perhaps it was his extra tall height? maybe it was his one single giant foot? Perhaps we shall never know....

Other than giving orders, Eugene isn't all that useful. But he still likes to be in the thick of things, to the chagrin of the rest of FEZ.

"Could you please vacate my personal location? Your olfactory sense is over powering"

NAME: Tony Teknicmann
POSITION: Weapons expert

One of the first specimens from the Human Genetics Program, Tony is over 15,600 years old. He can not remember most of his life, due to his memory issues, a flaw in his programming. he can only remember the last 50 years at a time. He is convinced there is a planet full of tall humans like himself, but he is vastly mistaken. They all live on the moon. Always trying to pick up ladies, even though he has no idea what to do.

Tony is the teams weapons officer. Deathly afraid of explosives, even though he does enjoy a good explosion. But only from a distance!

"Never fear! Teknicmann is here!"

NAME: Dan Mark
POSITION: Lingustics Expert.

As a typical member of FEZ, Dan's background is a mystery. For his pre-FEZ career, he was assigned to some warehouse. Or something. No one really knows. Or cares. What we do know is that he took a bunch of linguistics courses in collage.

Dan is fluent in 13 different languages, and can understand another 42 (41 really, but he insists that Orc is a language in its own right, and not just pointing and grunting.)

"Orc counts! It is a valid form of communication!"

NAME: Kotonn
POSITION: Morale Officer.

From the planet of Spherus Magna, also know as the Bionicle world, Kotonn is a, well, Bionicle. More accurately he is a Matoran. Being a Bionicle, he is one of the oldest members of FEZ, being some number of thousands of years old.

Kotonn is the teams morale officer, though since he speaks a different language than the rest, he often has to resort to more physical means of conveying his morale.

"Can I go home now?"

NAME: Ted Acioreh

More than just a midget, Ted is a genetically modified midget. Being so small, he has  a much more cynical outlook on life than most. very snarky, and is prone to disagreeing to everything said. The one advantage he says his height gives him, is he has the perfect view of a woman's rear.

Ted is a great spy, but he tends to use his spying capabilities mostly on women.

"I'm not a spy. I am a Surveillance Operative. Unless you call me a Surveillance Operative. Then I am a spy."

NAME: Axel Erate

Axel, being a Xalaxian, has a need for speed. A short attention span can lead to some very interesting road, er, space trips. As a Xalaxian, he enjoys farting and driving. Completely typical of his species.

Axel is the team's pilot. He can drive anything, assuming it hasn't been Anti-Lupined.

"I am here to drive stuff. Or pilot. Or steer. Or whatever you want to call it."

NAME: Harold Freen 
POSITION: Navigator

Harold, like a few others, is a genetic experiment of Doctor Winks. Harold won't go into any details about his previous life, preferring to keep it secret. A super-genius, being able to do calculations faster than any computer, he is a useful person to have when calculations are needed, but having no arms, is completely useless just about everywhere else.

The teams navigator. Who needs arms to use a computer when you have the brain of 4.2314 super computers?

"Just don't ask about my arms. Please."

NAME: Daisy

Daisy was once a Xalaxian who had his rear end surgically removed. Not being able to let out excess gas, he ballooned in size, and all that gas inside destroyed his brain. Or that's what Dr. Winks tells everyone. No one really wants to test the theory, so everyone just takes Dr Wink's word.

Daisy's job in FEZ is mostly that of a shield, due to his indestructibility. He also makes a great chair. and occasionally is utilized as a surfboard.

"Hi there!'

NAME: Antareas
POSITION: Mechanic

A Martian who loves to "improve" devices. and by improve, it usually means 1 of three things: A) explode; B) go faster or C), go faster, then explode. Occasionally he actually does fix things the way he was told to, though it only happens when he is supervised.

Antareas is technically the mechanic of FEZ, but rarely actually does what he is told.

"Your jetpack needs some "enhancements". Gimme!"

NAME: Steve
POSITION: Communications

Steve (Or Stevey, depending who you ask) was the original donor of Dr Wink's cloning project. Even though he is a pile of bones now, he is still somehow moving around. To anyone who asks Dr Winks about it, the Doctor will simply reply with a malicious grin. He also still talks. A lot. And he has no vocal cords.

As the communications officer, Steve is perfectly suited for the job of talking to others. Unless the person has a rank of captain of higher. Then he somehow always has laryngitis.

"And so I said to Stevey (Not me, the other one. And not that one, the second one. Or was it the fourth? I can't remember) I need to get this outa here? and then you know what? He fell down! Like he just took a nap! 'Cept he was dead. Hmmm. Something died here...."

POSITION: Computer expert

R4 is a stolen droid. After many upgrades, modifications, too few memory wipes, R4 has devolped quite an attitude. The droid was then shunted off to FEZ.

R4 is the teams computer hacker, thanks to all the special modifications. And being a droid helps.

"Beep boob beep bop PBBBBTTTTTHHH!!!!"

NAME: Emma F. Serind
POSITION: Public relations

Emma is the most friendly and outgoing of all the FEZ members, hence she is the teams public relations officer. However, Emma is easily distracted by anthing small and/or fuzzy. She is very naive, too, having a very very very very very sheltered life.

Being very good looking (by most peoples standards, especially Steve, Tony, Ted, and even Antareas)

"Awww! Isn't is so cute! What is it, anyways?"

NAME: Emmet Brickowski

Emmet won the 2014 Christmas tournmament, and his prize was to be used in an experimental size changing project of Doctor Winks. He grew to large, and grabbed a lightsaber at the same time, then broke out, causing lots of havoc. The rest of FEZ then hunted him down and captured him. After he was shrunk down to a more managable size, he has simply hung out with FEZ. Is Doctor Winks even aware that he is still part of FEZ? He has yet to be assigned anything, so who knows?

"Everything isn't as awesome as it once was. Everything is a weird shade of green now..."

NAME: Billiam Babar
POSITION: Public Relations

NAME: Melville Ville
POSITION: Medical officer

NAME: Belle Ville
POSITION: Medical Assistant

NAME: Willdo Cando Jr.
POSITION: Engineer

NAME: Nash Can
POSITION: Morale Officer

NAME: Mangamuri
POSITION: Bionicle Spy

NAME: Andrea